Sunday, October 20, 2013

unknown : sunday morning activity

so the story begin when i was lying on my bed with an ipad beside my head,nothing to do on sunday morning,how i usually spend my sunday,yes, more new photo to post and nothing to shoot.
looked one by one all my album on ipad,about half an hour i stared at one photo and then moved to another,and realized there is some photo that i haven't posted,and then i checked another album.
then i decided to post the photos out to instagram,most of them in color and scanned by my self (canonscan 8800f).the reason why i haven't post some of this photos because the quality is bad (i scanned by myself) and i think it's not that good to showing it. but somehow,it's still good to put it,since you don't always took a good photos (do i have one ?) . i hope you enjoy this post .

and oh hi,if you interested catch my instagram account @untieno !
thanks a bunch and enjoy :D



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