Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

jb in my opinion is a great place to took some street photo, the main reason maybe it's a slow pace living with a lot of old building blend to the old people and shop.
as i was from singapore then to johor, i felt a big gap between the two places. singapore with all the modern life, johor bahru with the slow pace living life and big history. and the people ah, i can't describe the huge gap. haha

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

this is maybe not my first time in johor bahru. as i know that my dad usually brought me to malaysia when i was kid and the latest was in late 2014, to see indonesian band the adams but it was only last from evening till midnight.....................(i don't tell you some secret that). and yeah, this is my first time to spend a day in johor bahru eventough it was only some places near to the johor sentral bus stop that conected directly to singapore.
i went there simply because i was boring in singapore, it was my fourth day in singapore so i decided to go to johor bahru in the morning till dawn. when i went to there last december, i saw a big building from the moving bus. that building made me curious, but i couldn't see the building because my first priority to go there was to the festival. then the night before i go there, i am doing my searching about that building and finally i knew the building was Sultan Ibrahim Building and some interesting places around jb sentral as i planned to be on foot so in only need to be max 5km from jb sentral.
i found some interesting places and made the list. the day was come, i woke up a bit late ! i was out from my friend house at 11 and reached johor about 12 and half. my first thing to do was walked to the nearest coffee shop so i can drink some coffee to start my day (sooooooo hips!) oh forgot to mention, i changed 10 singapore dollar to 27 malaysian ringgit and in my opinion it was a lot of MYR ! i pick kopi which is stand for coffee and milk paid for 1,5RM well it's the same price as in Batam. 
after my first coffee i walked as i planned to the western of jb sentral, i walked to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and then went to the building that i really want to see. the building is a royal palace, sultan and it's really huge at the first time i saw it last december i thought it is a castle from the dutch or colonial.
after that i walked around and lost a bit because i walked to far and there was no interesting places to see. i lost the track a bit, i wen't to JB Bayfront. the building abandoned and nothing to see but i was curious so i went there to took some photos too!
 after i see the same building as the last time i went to johor bahru to the festival then i walked to a place look a like litlle india. took some photos, and then i went to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee again to get some meal, as there were a lot of cafe and really hip. i went to marines cafe just beside the Red House i ordered mee goreng mamak because i was craving for indomie ! eventhough it's not the same as indomie haha when the dark come and i got some meal i went home to singapore. it was fast, but i think it covered almost interesting places around jb sentral that you can walk by your foot.

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