Friday, April 24, 2015

Folding and can't unfold.

Folding bike - Trikora Beach
Folded bike - RORO

Folding Bike - pas istirahat
Ketemu muscle car di garasi orang

Pantai Trikora 6am

Sunrise Pantai Trikora
I went to Bintan for a short trip to celebrate my birthday in february. Spent two days and one night from Tanjung Uban-Pantai Trikora-Tanjung Pinang, with my folding bike. About 100Km on the road, spent about 10 hours pedaling, a night slept next to the beach. It was a very thrilling experience in my life, I always want to do it and i did it as my 2015 resolution. There so much excitement I found on the road, one of them was riding with some kids who want to play to some place for about 5km from their place. I really enjoyed it. Another one was resting with an athlete who can ride 50 km for about an hour ! But the most wonderful things I did is smiling to each people i met, that won't happen in my kind of world in Batam.
I didn't took many photos in this trip, about 20 frames in color and about 10 frames in BW. I want to took a lot of photos but i can't, simply because i really into riding my bike even there a lot of landscapes that I wouldn't see everyday. The sad things is, I lost my color film, so yeah I am so sad. Here I put some of black and white photos.
The Route

Konica Big Mini 



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