Thursday, February 12, 2015

Last december i decided to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for just a night to catch The Adams and Yellow Fang at GEGO Festival 2014. I never expected to see The Adams live in my entire life and i got this opportunity and i didn't want to ruin the chance so i crossed to Singapore and stayed some days. Exactly after went to church on sunday in Singapore my friend and i took a bus to Johor Bahru. The thing that amazed me is the venue wasn't far away from the bus terminal in Johor Bahru, we walked by foot. I thought it will a bit hard to be in Johor Bahru because it's my first time to be there so i change my money to Ringgit a bit, but i didn't spend a lot there because the venue was close and the food isn't expensive !

The Adams was the third last band and Yellow Fang was the second last band at the festival, i waited and listened to the other bands until the time came to see The Adams. It was a very happy night in my life, they played 7 songs if i am not wrong, and i like the only one who sang along with them, what a night !
After The Adams,Yellow Fang played their songs, three Thai girls played indie rock. Unfortunately i didn't see them till their last song even i hoped they would play Valentinos, i shouted "Valetinos" from the crowd though because i like the song and i want to see it live.

I went back to Singapore midnight and i didn't know what happen in GEGO after i went back, as far as i know, The Changchuters played there and the crowd was waiting for them.
I waited and listened for The Adams and Yellow Fang.

Mju ii + Superia Xtra 800
Johor Bahru 2014


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