Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We go sailing in early morning. We don’t care much about to this whole world drama. What we care is the fish stuck in our nets, so we can keep living day by day till the world end.
At first, we watch the sun rise. It give light as you are in the half way to the part of your journey, then we keep going until the sun really show itself, all the circle to brighten our path. It is not really necessary to have light as we usually live without it.
Secondly, we pull the net that we drowned the day before, just like what we did to the education. We drowned it deep enough so we can’t even know a single word but still hoping and believing that the fish were fool enough to get into our net. Dang! We just as stupid as the fish, trapped in our poor life and uneducated people.
 Yet, nature give all its heart to us to keep its promises even though it never tell us about the promises.
Finally, we just need a simple and peaceful life. We  don’t want to get old will all this whole world drama.

Bintan 2016
Pentax MX + SMC Pentax 50mm f1.7
Agfa APX 100


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